Saturday, January 19, 2008

Bonsai Techniques Vol I

Bonsai Techniques Vol I
by John Yoshio Naka
ISBN 0930422317 pp269

The “Nakas” are referred amongst Bonsaiist as the “Bonsai Bibles”
A lifelong work is described in these volumes. Because “these” are John’s notes, translated from Japanese, the description at times is a little thin. However, the learned hobbyist can easily extrapolate the necessary information as required. The “Nakas” are not “Bonsai Primers” and as such, are intended for intermediate to advanced Bosaiists. Before one delves into these magnificent books, one needs to understand the basics of bonsai and bonsai care.

Vol I will take a novice along quite readily, but it is this author’s opinion that, one needs to posses a firm grasp of bonsai basics, if one is to fully comprehend what John is trying to impart to his audience. It contains a great in-depth section on various soil uses, along with recommended soil recipes for various trees. An in-depth monthly care guide can also be found in this book. If one is looking for traditional Japanese values, one will find them here.

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