Saturday, January 19, 2008

Home Gardener’s Problem Solver

Home Gardener’s Problem Solver
by Ortho Books
ISBN 0897215044
Published 2004
Meredith Publishing Group

This book “soft cover” book contains all known diseases and afflictions your plants, flowers, vegetables and trees may be infected with. As previously stated, because it is a book published by “Ortho” the recommended remedies are with the use of “Ortho’s products.” However, they do give the treatment and providing you follow their recommendation as to which chemicals to use for remedy, you should be able to treat your tree to full recovery. The latter is really a problem here in Canada as many pesticides are now banned. In Nova Scotia, outside of organic treatment of pests and diseases or harmless chemicals, there is little alternative. However, the book diagnoses the problem you might have in great detail, including pictures of the possible affliction.

The book is broken down into the following main categories:

a. Houseplants;
b. Lawns;
c. Ground covers;
d. Annuals perennials and bulbs;
e. Trees, shrubs and vines;
f. Vegetables, berries and grapes;
g. Soil, cultural, and climate problems;
h. Gallery of plant diseases;
i. Gallery of insects; and
j. Gallery of weeds, to name a few.

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