Saturday, January 19, 2008

Bonsai techniques Vol II

Bonsai techniques Vol II
by John Yoshio Naka
ISBN 093042233 pp 442

Bonsai techniques Vol II is more or less on advanced “bonsai techniques” and as such is not for beginners, I purchased mine at the same time as Vol I. Although, my apprenticeship is far from being at the level to apply advance techniques listed in this book, I found it extremely inspiring and educational. One thing it has taught me since I have read the book, was to seek inspiration from nature, find an appropriate tree (raw material) and duplicate the inspiration. John had a saying; don’t make your tree look like a bonsai, make your bonsai look like a tree. Walter Pall is famous to some extent for this exact approach. Considered a “rebel” in the beginning, Walter’s battle gained credence for his work. His innovative approach to the art has forged a way for the future. This is also the direction I intend taking in the future. I will no doubt meet allot of controversy during my journey, but at least learned veterans of the likes of Walter and many others have paved my chosen path. To the true “traditionalist” well! Walter’s work is totally unacceptable.

This book goes into great details with regards to grafting whether grafting roots or branches. Detailed descriptions on each are available; it goes on further to explain which method gives a greater chance of success depending on the tree species. The book then naturally flows to the trunk, branches and apex. This is where John goes into great detail with regards to the fundamentals of branch placement, height ratios etc. No serious Bonsai Artist would be without them.

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