Friday, January 25, 2008

The Art of Bonsai Design

The Art of Bonsai Design
by Colin Lewis
ISBN 1402700709 HC pp.160
Published 2001
Sterling Publishing Co, Inc.

This book is out of print but several avenues exist where one can acquire this work second hand. I acquired a used copy that was in excellent shape (slight wear on jacket) at a fraction of the original cost.

As the title evokes this book is about the artistic side of bonsai. It is not a primer and although intended for all audiences, newly introduced enthusiast should have a basic foundation in place to fully grasp the information imparted by Colin.

The book is broken down into four main sections:

- Elms;
- Junipers;
- Pines; and
- Larches.

A great review was previously carried out on this book. Although I fully intended in providing an in depth look into this volume, it would have paled in comparison with this review.

Bonsai Wonders is about my fascination with Bonsai, but more important to me is sharing information with fellow enthusiast. In doing so, I feel no need to re-invent the wheel so to speak. If good information can be found elsewhere, I have no reservations in pointing this out on this site.

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