Saturday, January 19, 2008

The art of Natural Bonsai Replicating natures beauty

The art of Natural Bonsai
Replicating natures beauty

by Dave Joyce
ISBN 1402700555 HC pp.288
Published 2003
Sterling Publishing Co, inc.

I somehow ordered this book by mistake, one I am glad I made. This hard covered book is an absolute gem. I like Dave’s naturalistic approach to bonsai design. The book is well laid out and explained. It has one of the best sections on pests and diseases that I have seen. It is quite explicit with detailed recommended remedies and procedures, listed in a chart where Dave prioritizes his approach to differing ailments.

The book contains the usual basics at the beginning and goes into greater detail as the text evolves. It has recommended species for beginners. The middle of the book covers the design and shaping process of several of his trees, along with timelines between stages, the latter is a good reference for beginners, as they can chart the process. The book also contains a section on making cement slabs, pots and rocks. The end of the book contains an extensive list on trees and their individual needs. This full-coloured book is indeed inspirational, and wears its title well.

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