Friday, January 25, 2008

The Japanese Art of miniature Trees and Landscape

The Japanese Art of miniature
Trees and Landscape

By Yuji Yoshimura
ISBN 0-8048-0282-3 SC pp.220
Published 1957
Charles E. Tuttle Company Inc.

Although this book is dated, it definitely owns a place on your book shelf. The depth of detail Yuji imparts in this book is just short of his passion for bonsai. You will not find pretty photographs in this book, well at least not the ones you have been accustomed to, but what you will find is extremely well detailed procedures and sketches. With the exception of soil components, it is refreshing to see that the techniques of yesteryear are still very much the norm today.

This book, beyond a doubt, has all of the information the serious bonsai artist needs to know. The authors provide very thorough details about creating bonsai, and take it to the level of science rather than art. However, it is because of this high degree of detail that I was struck with how serious the art really can be. I would tend to recommend Japanese Art of Miniature Trees and Landscapes to the person who is quite dedicated to pursuing the art, and would not recommend it to a person with a more casual interest.

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