Saturday, January 19, 2008

Pocket Bonsai

Pocket Bonsai
by David Prescott
ISBN 1843305860
Published 2004
New Holland Publishers

Davis Prescott with Colin Lewis as a consultant editor wrote this book. A “soft cover” great all around reference with regards to care, shaping, re-potting, species and style. This was my first book and it is probably the best book a beginner may own. It is well written and covers the majority of what a beginner needs to know. It is easily understood and, combined with pictures, gets the point across nicely. Many folks own this book and still use it, even after years of caring for bonsai.

It delves into the anatomy of plants/trees and how a tree functions. It covers the basic requirements on plant needs and feeding. There is a short list of the most common pests and diseases. Although, it prescribes treatment for the latter, it doesn’t state the length or course of action one should take. I believe this information is invaluable as far as I’m concerned. Having said that I haven’t found a book (outside of a book on pest and disease) that did.

It contains a good section on potting and shaping your tree, as well as basic pot selection. The end of the book includes a short list of the most appropriate bonsai species, along with colour photographs. It describes basic plant and care requirements, a good all around book!

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