Saturday, January 19, 2008

Bonsai with Japanese Maples

Bonsai with Japanese Maples
by Peter Adams
ISBN 0881928097 HC pp.156
Published 2006
Timber Press Inc.

With all the books related to Bonsai out there, I find myself being a little more particular/selective of what I add to my growing library these days. I find myself only acquiring what I categorize as "specialty books", and Peter's latest creation on Japanese Maples is just that.

The book is broken down into five Chapters. Peter commences with care and selection of Japanese Maples, discussing: potting, watering, feeding, pruning, along with an invaluable list of suitable cultivars and their characteristics. He moves on to discussing developmental methods, both in ground and in boxes in Chapter two. He explains in detail the necessary pruning and trimming details along with the time lines in achieving a suitable silhouette.

Chapter three deals with refinement techniques both above and below the soil line, including but not limited to grafting, whilst Chapter four is dedicated in developing shohin size trees.

Chapter five discusses in detail 23 case studies of actual trees of varying cultivars, the methods used in their establishment, development, training etc... along with future possibilities.

The text and illustrations flow well and is easy to follow. A definite asset to ones library who raises Japanese Maples as Bonsai.

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