Thursday, January 24, 2008

Creating japanese Gardens

Creating a Japanese Garden
By Peter Chan
ISBN 1856486966 HC pp.176
Published 2003
PRC Publishing Ltd

Peter Chan is the founder of Herons Bonsai - Britain's premier bonsai nursery, and winner of 16 Chelsea Gold Medals. Peter is also a prolific designer and builder of beautiful Japanese Gardens. Peter is a member of the prestigious Association of Professional Landscapers.

In this work Peter examines and explains the four key elements of Japanese gardening: rocks, plants, water and space, demonstrating how these basic components in the right combination can transform any ordinary garden into a haven of peace and tranquility.

The book starts off with a brief history on meaning and design characteristics. One needs to understand these basic philosophical and religious principles to truely understand the beauty and serenity in the text that follows. Peter goes on to described the various types of gardens: stroll, tea and Zen to name a few.

Chapter two leads us into design considerations, plant selections, symbolism and meaning behind each choice and the combination of choices. He explains in detail the harmony between the elements and how improper placement and selection may lead to chaos.

Chapter 3 and 4 deal mainly with various projects and favourite gardens throughout the world. This book is well laid out and inspirational. Peter's teachings in this volume will grab your attention in such a fashion that by the time you lay down the book, you want to rush outside and try your hand at your own creation, a well worth investment.

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