Friday, January 25, 2008

Ficus The Exotic Bonsai

Ficus The Exotic Bonsai
by Jerry Meislik
ISBN 0974952400 HC pp.144
Published in 2004
Devonshire Gardens Ltd

Jerry is a well known bonsai lecturer, writer and teacher. He has written many articles for many of the popular bonsai magazines. Most importantly Jerry has a 25 year long love affair with Ficus for bonsai. Jerry is affectionately known as “Ficus Jerry or Mr. Ficus, need I say more.

What can I say about this book? If you are going to grow ficus, then I believe this is a requirement in your reference library. A limited edition, hard covered, full-coloured book, signed by the author.

This is what David DeGroot had to say:

Ficus, The Exotic Bonsai is clear, detailed, and comprehensive. It covers the cultural relevance of figs, their physical characteristics, and their place and function in the natural environment, indoor growing requirements and techniques, and plant problems.

It discusses the aesthetics of various fig styles and the techniques required to achieved the desired effects. It deals with propagation, show preparation, and finally, detailed infromation on specific popular varieties.

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